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Sure, your new carpet may cost less if you purchase it from a “big box store”. The installation of your new carpet may cost less, too, if you let the “big box” boys do it for you. However, there are some things about those big box stores and their big box boys that you may live to regret if you choose to use them over your locally owned carpet retailer and their installation professionals. We’re going to use this article to look at those benefits and hopefully by the time we’ve finished, you’ll agree with us that using the “little guy” and his installation guys is better than the money you may, or may not, save in the end.

Better Quality Carpeting

Local Carpet Install vs BigBox
Most of the big box stores don’t carry “brand name” carpeting. They mostly deal in flooring made for them specifically. That means that you may or may not be buying as good a carpet as those you would have to choose from at your local carpet retailer. Even if they DO have a recognizable name on selection, it may still be a “store exclusive” – meaning that it is made for them, and for them only. Because big box stores have strict pricing criteria, that means that even that carpet with the fancy name and logo on it has had to be manufactured at a discount price, using discount price materials. Otherwise, the manufacturer would lose money selling his top quality goods at a loss.

Better Quality Service

Best Carpet in Chandler AZ - Legend Flooring
That “25 year guarantee” on that big box carpet store probably won’t be honored in 5 or 10 years, let alone 25. Why? Because they can afford to change their suppliers, their policies and their management as often as they like. “Oh, sorry, we don’t service that brand anymore. You’ll have to contact the manufacturer.” Or “That was our old policy. We don’t do that anymore.” Or “That was when Mr. Soandso was here. Now that Ms. Whatsherface is in charge, we do things differently.” And there’s not a whole lot you can do about it, either, because the hassle involved probably isn’t worth the bother. Your local carpet professional has more at stake – his reputation – and he is more likely to honor his word than not.

Better Quality Installation

Better Carpet Install Service - Arizona
The big box boys may or may not have more than a few hours of training and experience at installing carpeting. They may or may not be working by the hour, making it no priority of theirs to finish your job quickly and efficiently. Worse yet, they may have four other jobs lined up behind yours, and rush through simply so they can get on with the next one. Your local carpet professional will have a team of dedicated professionals, properly trained and experienced. After all, it’s all they do, right? Your local carpet professional will want to see that your new carpet is installed in the best possible manner, to your deepest satisfaction, because once again, his reputation is at stake. No sloppiness can be tolerated, no sluggishness, either. He has to stand by his work, so you’d better be standing on it happily when his boys are through.

Help Support your Local Businesses

Using a big box store to purchase and install your new carpet may seem advantageous to your wallet, but in looking at the better quality of using a local carpet professional for the same, is it really worth a few bucks? After all, you’re not only getting a new carpet underfoot when you deal with a local carpet professional, but also some peace of mind.

Do you have any other benefits of using a local business versus a national chain to buy and install your carpets?
We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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