About us.

There are some very real benefits to dealing with a family business and Legend Flooring is just that; a family business.

In the age of the Internet and customer reviews, that can be seen by thousands, we value the importance of retaining a good name and reputation. We are not like the high-volume flooring mega-businesses that can afford to make a few hundred customers unhappy because they know the law of large numbers is on their side. We want people to feel they have been treated right.


Doing Business with Integrity

It’s different when you deal with Legend Flooring because we are focused on what you really need and what will best serve your needs. It’s not about funneling you into the current best seller or a product that must be moved out the door. We will use our considerable product and installation knowledge to enhance your environment and lifestyle. That will provide the best fit with what you really need.

Unlike the big box stores, Legend Flooring insists on first-quality products every time and at all times. This means that you always get the very best quality product, a product that meets or surpasses all specifications for that type of product. In addition to the best quality products, we offer more than 40 years of combined interior design and flooring expertise, to let you know how and why a particular product will or will not work.

We look forward to earning your praise. Contact us today at 480.821.2499 or through our contact page.