How to Choose the Correct Flooring for Your Home

Tips to pick flooring in your home

Choosing the correct flooring for your home can be a daunting task, what with all the available options out there. How can you tell what the right flooring choice will be for your home? Ask yourself the following questions, and they should help you figure out which flooring is the right one for your home. The answer may very well lie right under your nose, if not already under your feet.

Where’s home?

Carpet may be all the rage, but how will it look in your century-old Craftsman? Or your upscale, sleek and modern loft? Your home’s age, architecture and current style should be taken into consideration when choosing something as important as your flooring.

Who’s living there?

Practicality and day-to-day living should influence your choices of flooring, too. Do you have kids in the house? Pets? Do you work long hours and have little time to clean? Easy to care for flooring may be the answer. Stain resistant carpet could be a good choice, too. Consider who will be living on the flooring you choose, and who will be caring for it, too, before making your choice.

Where’s it going?

Many physicians and health care professionals now admonish against putting carpet in bedrooms, because of allergies such as dust, dirt, and dander that carpeting can exacerbate. Your entryway may cry out for a stunning tile or hardwood parquet pattern. Your kitchen may prefer some Spanish tile or an Italianate look, to match your décor and appliances. The area of the home in which the flooring will be going should be a big consideration when choosing which flooring to use.

What’s in your wallet?

There are vinyl planks that look just like real hardwood. There are cork tiles that can look like parquet flooring. There are ceramic tiles that mimic marble. And then there’s the real McCoy. Your budget may play the biggest influence of all when choosing the flooring for your home. However, with many options available, you may not have to sacrifice the look you want for the price you’d have to pay for it.

There are several other things you may want to consider when choosing flooring for your home, as well. Thing’s like labor costs (DIY or hire someone,) environmental viewpoints (cork or bamboo over traditional non-renewable hardwoods,) and time (lots vs. in-laws coming this weekend.) By asking yourself some simple questions, you should be able to discern which flooring choice is the right for you, your home, and your lifestyle.

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